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"I really have to say that we are both very pleased with the guidance you've provided and you've assured us we made a good choice in the home."  —Verne P.

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"Thank you for your careful inspection.  Your attention to all the small details brought to our attention several items that we need to address." —Maura H.

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structures and systems of a home from roof to foundation, including the grounds, exterior and interior of the home.

All In One inspectors will always go throughout the structure—on the roof, up in all areas of attic, crawlspace, basement, etc whenever this can be done without risk of injury or damage to property.

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Home Inspection Services

For the home buyer, an in-depth, exhaustive inspection combined with a comprehensive report can alert you to possible pitfalls and help you to have a complete picture of your future home.

For the home seller, a home inspection can be an extremely valuable tool for developing a "punch list" of items that can be corrected or repaired prior to listing the home.

Home Inspection Report

A rigorous home inspection should always be accompanied by a meticulous and extensive written report. All In One Home Inspections provides an exhaustive written report in .PDF format, complete with high-resolution photos and concise, thoughtful comments and recommendations.

Our report compiles the inspector's notes, comments and photos, along with an easy to read and comprehend description of all findings, and recommendations for correction of any noted defects or advising of further evaluation.

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