Warmer weather is coming (promise!); Is your HVAC ready?

In spite of how it’s been acting lately, the weather is actually going to get hot and stay that way fairly soon.  Is your air conditioning system ready?  If you have a heat pump system, and the heats been working, then in all likelihood your A/C will work when called upon.  But if you have some other form of heat, such as natural gas or oil, then your A/C hasn’t been used since last season.


Now is a good time to schedule a maintenance checkup and service for your A/C, before there’s a mass rush when those first really hot days happen, and many systems have problems at the same time.  Have a reputable, competent HVAC company take a look at your system, clean the A-coils, check the refrigerant pressure, inspect the condensate drainage, and a host of other preventive maintenance Items that will ensure that it will work properly when called upon.  Having the system maintained periodically will better the odds that it will continue to function as designed, and reduce the incidence of having to make costly repairs.


Ask around; good HVAC companies will have a following of loyal customers.  A few bucks now could spare you from costly repairs and uncomfortable temps in your home this summer!